23-NORTH is the brainchild of Amit Karmakar from Sydney, Australia. His photographic journey began as a landscape photographer. Over the years, he found his passion in telling stories through capturing human emotions. Every face tells a unique story, and it takes courage to capture feelings in black and white, which is Amit’s preferred mode of narration.

Amit has been photographing diverse genres over the last ten years and, in this time, he has had his work displayed in galleries in Melbourne and Sydney and had his article published by Fujilove. In 2020, his natural light portraiture photography won second position in the Leica Fotographie International amongst thousands of photos worldwide. His photos were selected three times in the same year for the Leica International gallery. Originally from a town about 23 degrees north of the equator, 23-NORTH celebrates Amit’s homage of his place of origin and his artistic expression of documenting stories.




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