Yes Vote

Sydney Mardi Gras 2018

Australia's 40 long years of prejudice to win over a simple thing - respecting another humans right to chose and love another human being of the same sex. After a long-awaited humiliating and deeply embarrassing plebiscite vote, YES vote overruled the naysayers. Imagine the damage, the isolation and pain this has inflicted on the community. The parents of the gay offsprings that are deemed less than worthy in the eyes of law and society. The friends and benefactors that suffered the agony of those they love and support. Very especially the teens and young adults who have lesser life skill dealing with hatred and depression. Those that remain closeted for reasons unknown, unvoiced and in pain seeking equality and acceptance. This is their story, of the left, neglected and judged upon.

But, in the end, Love is love! Love will always find a way.