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Fujifilm x100F - review


  Its official. I gave in to my Fujifilm lust after all that JonasAik, Patrick and Valérie kept posting. The photos looks really impressive for a quasi pocket sized camera with the the power of Acros simulation, substantial autofocus improvement over the X100T and and including skins tones in jpes. I bought it about three weeks back and was lucky to have got it within a day after it was released in Sydney. Very impressed playing with tiny monster even though I knew what to expect having read a lot of posts on it.

You can't really put this camera in a jeans pocket like the Ricoh GR2. But when you have such tremendous power in the palm of your hand its not something you should treat lightly. Wear it with a wrist band and go make memories.

I will share a few things that I love about this small beast and also some that I think could have been done better. That being said no camera is perfect. The key thing to remember is when you have so much control in such a tiny body it can easily get a little complicated too. Its strength can also also be its weakness in different scenarios. However, for an 'on the go' street/documentary or even a travel camera - Fuji you have raised the bar. Again!

Here are a few of my observations.

What I love about the Fujifilm X100F

  1. I'm besotted with the x100F's Acros simulation. I have been since the X-Pro2 came out. But now to have this in a small handy on the go camera is so liberating. When you take wispy dark cloud, or a soulful portrait or candid street scene on the Acros R setting - its nothing short of magic. If you own this camera try the Acros simulation with R channel. You can add more drama if you use the G channel. R is my preferred setting for now. Do not add grain as Acros bring in its own grain with it. Its almost like shooting film all over again without having to shell out extra $$. Stunning work here Fujifilm for bringing this to the x100F.

  2. Image quality right out the box. SOOC(straight out of camera) jpegs are sharp and crisp from the get-go.. It has that Fujifilm X-Pro2 quality in a such a tiny sexy rangefinder looking body.

  3. Joystick - My AF is always locked to centre but I can quickly press unlock and move it just like the X-Pro2. Time saver! And helps metering light and subject in a jiffy.

  4. Autofocus is God sent! Big improvement on the x100T which was pretty good too for its time but the x100F raises the bar. Possibly the best compact camera out there today.

  5. The ISO/Shutter speed selector dial is identical to that of X-Pro2. This is so good! Huge time saver.

What could be better about the Fujifilm X100F

  1. I wish the AEL/AEF button was under the Q button on the right side just like the X-Pro. I don't use the Q button much and when I do it unnecessarily slows me down.

  2. Heavy - yes heavy on one side, the right side. Not a fan of this but i guess I'll have to get used to it.

  3. Battery compartment cover comes undone often. The batter doesn't fall out nor does the memory card but the plastic cover over the batter compartment is poorly designed. Its flaky at best.

Customise your settings, your way!

A few days into it Kevin Mullins from F16 posted a video on how he customises his camera. I tried it out for a week. Then went back to customise it further to how i like it. While you're there check out Kevin's family photos with the x100F. Love his work. If you are a JPG shooter you will get a lout out of Kevin's settings.


Its my everyday camera,  I'm in love with how it renders B/W tonal moods. I love the feel of the camera in my hand despite its slight bulkiness and one sided weight. It will NOT replace my X-Pro2 but it will often make me leave my X-Pro2 at home.