Street Photography with Eric Kim


Eric Kim's Sydney workshop

No matter what I write here about Eric Kim is going to fall short of the man he is. Be warned this is going to be one blatantly biased post but also a very truthful one. Very blessed having met Eric Kim and even more to have his friendship.

It's going to be difficult to surmise the few days spent with Eric, Greg and the amazing gang that had signed up for Eric's workshop in Sydney. There were people from across Australia and as far away as the Middle east and Paris . There were some from the presentation Eric had done a couple of days prior to his Sydney workshop. And boy oh boy! Can I just say I have not met a nicer group of photographers!  Humble, open and inclusive.  This post clearly is not going to capture the essence of what the group experienced in these few brief moments. But I do have on good authority that Eric is nostalgic about his Sydney workshop. :-)

I have done a few photography courses and nothing has come close - not even by a quarter to what Eric's workshop has been. In Eric's course alone, I've learned things  I haven't in the last five years or more. Eric gives without the thought of return. This is why he is such an amazing teacher. His honesty to walk his talk touches every soul that meets him. He is beyond a teacher - he creates little streettog Yodas and inebriates them with the fire and passion of street photography. You cannot read about or buy in a store -  only experience the energy if you are open to learning.


Why do I stress on real teaching?

Having been a teacher and a trainer myself, both in India and Australia, I know when a teacher fails. I know when a teachers greed for affirmation and ego dictate their very being. There are many around you. I'm sure you know some.

I have met some outstanding teachers in my time. Sadly, I have also met some really awful ones. I am talking about my combined school, engineering days and adult life here in Sydney. I've been very fortunate to have an English teacher Rashmi Ashtikar that made school oodles of fun. During Engineering, I met Shraddha Oza who taught me Electronics and she made me fall in love with every electron particles in matter. And now for the third time - I met Eric Kim. The purity for his vocation is real, contagious and downright charismatic!

I feel a huge sense of gratitude and love and thank you, Eric, Greg, Neil, and the entire group both at the workshop and presentation for making this an experience beyond words.


Amit Karmakar

378 Miller St, Cammeray, NSW 2062, Australia