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Ricoh Lightroom Presets

I'm putting together a post with all the Ricoh GR goodies I've found so far. This includes Lightroom presets, reviews and other relevant goodies relating to the Ricoh GR2 that I'm currently using. It's been just about a month I've switched to Ricoh GR as my main everyday camera. I notice a big shift in the way I approach photography lately. And by saying 'shift' I mean it's more carefree, effortless and fun. It helps me create more memories without being bogged down by weight, size or menu systems. Ricoh ergonomics are superb. After a little while, I don't even feel like I'm carrying a camera with me. There are some amazing people creating wonderful things with this little magic camera.

I wanted to share what I have found thus far. This is a bit of an incomplete post but I will update this soon. I have also written about why Ricoh is ahead of its game when it comes to street photography. You can read about it here. If you have questions or like me to add more links please leave a comment below. And by all means, if you are considering buying a camera just for street photography check out Eric's fantastic write up the Ricoh GR. But for now, check out the preset links below. do leave a comment if you enjoy them.

Ricoh Reviews

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