1. Ricoh GR love

    26 Nov 2016
    RICOH GR2 I’m late to the party, but, many have said before — it’s never too late to do a good thing. Right? This is my love page for Ricoh. A camera that has become a part of my everyday now. Honestly, I didn’t know much about Ricoh GR until…

  2. Is stealth mode a necessity in street photography?

    21 Nov 2016
    Is stealth mode a necessity in street photography Not always, but it definitely helps frame better expressions. This obviously depends on the kind of photography you intend to do. I ask people for making their portrait sometimes, other times I don’t. Street photography is a very generic term and there…

  3. Street photography with Eric Kim

    15 Nov 2016
    ERIC KIM’S SYDNEY WORKSHOP No matter what I write here about Eric Kim is going to fall short of the man he is. Be warned this is going to be one blatantly biased post but also a very truthful one. Very blessed having met Eric Kim and even more to…

  4. A new beginning

    10 Nov 2016
    I’m writing as though 2016 has passed us by. Well, it almost has – we’re already in November with six weeks to Christmas 2016 has been an amazing year of learning Not only has it been an awesome year of learning but an even more amazing year of unlearning! Of…

  5. Ricoh GR-II / GR-III Lightroom presets & goodies

    15 Oct 2016
    JULY 2019 UPDATE: Samuels Positive Film Ricoh GR presets on YouTubePositive Film PresetsFacebook Ricoh GR III groupAndrew D. Lossing’s write up on ‘Editing RAW RICOH GR III files‘Field test by Ilia Sonski RICOH GR-II ADOBE LIGHTROOM PRESETS I’m putting together a post with all the Ricoh GR goodies I’ve found…

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