1. International women’s day

    09 Mar 2017
    I’m a day late for the international Woman’s day. Here’s to the talented women unnamed, unrecognised, underpaid tirelessly standing up against injustice small or big. I’m sure it’s easy to point fingers at developing nations and see the obvious gaps of corruption, gender inequality, poverty n disdain. But Australias poverty…

  2. Black and White sentiments

    05 Jan 2017
    When I shoot in black and white (which is mostly)… I kinda miss colour a bit. But then I start to see everything that could have been a great colour composition and frame, just like Alex Webb or Jesse Marlow’s frames to name a few. No seriously! Drat! I sigh.…

  3. Street photographers photographing the homeless

    15 Dec 2016
    Photographing the homeless Every city and town have homeless people. Sad that it is but that’s just the new reality we all live in given rising costs and low affordability worldwide. They have fallen on hard times, are homeless with very little to no money, little clothing or protection from…

  4. Ladakh - Prabuddha Das Gupta

    03 Dec 2016
    “We had no common language. She spoke no Hindi or English and I spoke no Tibetian or Ladakhi. But the communication we had, just by touch and through our eyes, was more real, more significant than the communication I’ve had with many people with whom I have shared a long-term…

  5. Kindness is a choice

    30 Nov 2016
    “One day you will understand that kindness is harder than cleverness. Smart is a gift, but kindness is a choice.” — Jeff Bezos The kindness on this lady’s face is beyond words for me. I approached her and asked to make a portrait. We kept talking for a bit as…

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