Kindness is a choice



Kindness is a choice

“One day you will understand that kindness is harder than cleverness.

Smart is a gift, but kindness is a choice.”

-- Jeff Bezos

The kindness on this lady's face is beyond words for me. I approached her and asked to make a portrait. We kept talking for a bit as I kept shooting. She was sitting on a bench in the Strand Arcade in Sydney. As we both got a little more comfortable during our discourse on life I got a little closer and kneeled down and took this photo.

There are so many beautiful emotions in this photos for me. It is one of my favourites frames of 2016 because I feel I've captured her soul. There is so much love, sorrow, hope, despair, kindness and benevolence in her face. I felt double rewarded when Eric Kim said it was one of my best photos during our assignment in class.

Amit Karmakar

378 Miller St, Cammeray, NSW 2062, Australia