Fujifilm Lightroom preset

UPDATE: 26 Feb 2019. As of today this is no longer as a free download. Please use the link here to buy and download the preset for AU$10.00. Thank you.


If you use a Fujifilm camera and use RAW files to shoot your image, your files will come up looking flatter when you import them in Lightroom. I have created the standard in-camera Fujifilm Presets for your RAW files. All Fujifilm cameras are set to Provia by default. If you use preset simlulations like Classic Chrome, PRO Neg Hi, PRO Neg StdProvia, Velvia or Acros(R/Y/G filters) in your camera all you have to do it apply the appropriate preset to your raw file in Lightroom. Download the Fujifilm Lightroom presets below. You can apply the required preset during import or while developing your images.

UPDATED: 20 March 2017 The download now contains addition Fujifilm profiles eg: PRO Neg Hi, PRO Neg Std & Acros(R/Y/G filters)

Purchase and download your in-camera Fujifilm lightroom presets.

Installing your Lightroom preset

To install, follow these steps sequentially:

  • Open Lightroom

  • Go to Develop mode (shortcut is ‘D’)

  • Under Presets module right click your mouse.

  • Click import and select your freshly downloaded presets from 23-NORTH.

Apply on the RAW Fujifilm files to see the image change. It will look exactly as it did inside your camera. Enjoy.

A view of the RAW image with 23-NORTH Velvia preset applied on the left. And on the right we have the same images with no preset applied.