Blackie App on the iPhone


Blackie App - some serious Black and White lovin' on the iPhone

It doesn't matter if you've just started or you are a professional. The Blackie has something for everyone.

Its minimal design and easy use with many features will make it your go-to app when you're in the mood for the Black & White. It will help you explore all the possibilities of the Black & White photography and achieve the best result.

I wanted to share with you about a fantastic black and white mobile app I've been using the last two months. It's called Blackie. Having used this app almost every single day since my purchase -- I'm happy to say it's my number one black and white app on the iPhone to date. Please leave a review on the post to give Blackie some loving. I have used several others over the years. Blackie, however, has some serious loving for black and white photographers.

If you have an iPhone and like black and white photos do give this a try. You will be amazed at the results. Sadly, they don't have an Andriod version just yet but hope soon. Boris, I hear ya!

Blackie Features

The features that stand out particularly for me with Blackie App are:

  • the simplicity of the app
  • the beautiful pro camera grid choices
  • real time effect with presets

The design and usability of this app are outstanding in my opinion. There are more than  a few hundred photo apps on the App store. To have come this close in a few months of launching Blackie app -- says something! Just a bit sad the Android users have to wait in the dark.

Check out Blackies Blackie's Instagram feed and some rave reviews they have been getting. I found out about Blackie from Josh White's feed. Thanks, Josh. You have some amazing work there.

Amit Karmakar

378 Miller St, Cammeray, NSW 2062, Australia