Black and White sentiments

When I shoot in black and white (which is mostly)… I kinda miss colour a bit. But then I start to see everything that could have been a great colour composition and frame, just like Alex Webb or Jesse Marlow’s frames to name a few. No seriously! Drat! I sigh. But with B/W I feel the sassiness - the intense POETRY that truly only good B/W brings! (debatable I know) I’m in LOVE with the world again… in B/W ha!

When I don’t give in to my muse for colour she knocks on my door. Persistent! Loud! And then she screams in my head:

“Hey, you ARE missing out!”

In all that inner turmoil, I succumb. I switch.

But it only takes me a few days to feel how much I miss the wispy poetic B/W frames. I miss the B/W sentiments. I miss that arousal that only B/W tonality bring. I say bye bye Alex Webb and Trent Parke. I’m back to square one.

Do you feel that way? It’s ok if you do, or if you don’t.
I’m shamelessly happy to admit I go through this almost every day. :)

Happy Friday everyone.

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