April is my JPEG month

“Paint light and shadow with your camera. All you need is an artistic mind and a fearless spirit. When muse sees your intent it flirts with you. Embrace your rendezvous.”

— Amit Karmakar

Had a lovely catch up with my friend Sue yesterday who has been a Fujifilm shooter for a while and loves fashion, photography and architecture among many other things. Sue and I share lots of Fujifilm love and often talk about our photography ideas and challenges. On this particular meet something Sue mentioned really piqued my interest. It was about JPG shooting. The photography world is very divided when it comes to RAW and JPEG shooting. There are advantages on both sides. It really depends on what feels right for you.

I normally shoot JPG + RAW. Why? That extra insurance that if i shot a 'decisive moment' I can re-edit it later to perfection. The truth is:

  • there are a zillion 'decisive moments' happening everyday. Dan Winters wrote about this beautifully in his book 'Road to seeing'

  • there is no such things as perfection. Its a journey.

Most digital cameras produce high quality images and pack a lot of details even at high ISO. When we pixel peep, it is merely to affirm our own insecurities. A sharp and noise-free images doesn't equate to a 'better' image.

April is my JPEG month

I have consciously decided to shoot JPG all of April 2017. Maybe longer. Thank you Sue. Let the good times role. Less time on computers and less time on RAW file processing. Less time sorting out duplicates means more time left to shoot and enjoy life with your loved ones. How could that be wrong?

Things to remember:

  1. Sharp images are not necessarily better images (look at the masters of photography, the reverse might well be true)

  2. Images don't always have to be perfect. - perfection kills the soul

  3. Shadows and highlights don't always have to be recovered - what you don't see adds drama to the scene.

Make memories let creativity guide you. Don't be hung up on technicalities of photography.