Word on the Street


While I enjoy writing about photography and in particular about the 'street’ genre I also enjoy discussing philosophical topics that strike a cord with me particularly relating to ethics of photography and staying open (read about beginners mind). Our creative eye can only be as good as the honest person we are within. What you capture is always a reflection of you. How you see the world is very much a part of who you are.

'Word on the street' was formed back in 2016. I was searching for a name that would fit 'this category' well -thanks to David for coming up with a very fitting one.

I will interview photographers that have touched my heart with their work or their personal endeavour in their approach to photography. Photography - for many is just the end product. Personally, I prefer to witness the photographers journey. Learn from their obstacles, failures, personal dilemmas and the calls they make to get their intended results. It's not always about the image you capture, it's a lot more about the friendships you make, the bridges you burn and the choices you make. It is a journey.


Stay tuned, this category is going to be special. If you ask me why, the answer is simple. I'll strive to interview people that are honest in their craft. These are artists who bring art with humility. They love the human-ness in this craft. They are the true artists that often stay unnamed, unknown, yet have a soul full of knowledge that books or even google cannot capture!


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