Ricoh GR Love


Ricoh GR2

I'm late to the party, but, many have said before -- it's never too late to do a good thing. Right? This is my love page for Ricoh. A camera that has become a part of my everyday now. Honestly, I didn't know much about Ricoh GR until I started exploring Street Photography. I'm also blaming Eric Kim for speaking so vehemently about it :) Partly Boris and Andrew for twisting my head to get a Ricoh GR2. :) And yes before you ask.. the above photo was taken with a Ricoh GR2!

There are lots of great reviews about the camera here and here. I'm not going to rehash whats already been said so beautifully here. But when you have a camera this small that fits in any jeans pocket and takes beautiful photos -- well you can easily kiss other cameras goodbye for street photography.

Is it really that good?

Its the best bang for the buck in terms of money, ease of use, size and street worthiness. When you are taking photos on the street, you need to be quick, decisive and agile. If a camera weighs you down its like driving on the highway with brakes on! Your camera should assist you in your job not be a deterrent. This is where Ricoh GRs excel hugely. The 3 things I love about my Ricoh GR2 are:

  1. SNAP mode. God send! I can prefocus my camera before my subjects arrive in my frame. Ricoh engineers - you are smart!!! Ricoh is the only camera in the market that can do this.
  2. The size - it fits in my palm! There is a bit of history here you might like to read on.
  3. The cleverly designed easy pop-up flash. I don't have to go into the menu system to turn it  on(Fuji fails here)

That said Ricoh GR2's battery life is less than perfect but thats not that big a deal. You can always carry spare ones around. The main thing to remember is Ricoh is so compact that you will carry it with you everywhere. Its discreet you will be tempted to take more photos where you didn't before. And if you are into Street photography you'd already know Diadō Moriyama. Daidō's prime camera was a simple film Ricoh GR1. Photography is about your vision not your camera.

Thank you Eric for the push and nudge :) Thank you Boris for the massive support and thank you Andrew. How terrible you are sporting a Leica now ;-) But I forgive you.