A new beginning



New beginning

I’m writing as though 2016 has passed us by. Well, it almost has -- we're already in November with six weeks to Christmas.

2016 has been an amazing year of learning

Not only has it been an awesome year of learning but an even more amazing year of unlearning! Of learning to say 'no' and staying on course to my inner belief. But most of all I’ve met some enchanting souls that fill me with inspiration and strength. Life is all about these little wonders.

For some time now I've been posting my photography portfolio on various image hosting platforms like Squarespace, Photoshelter, Smugmug, Zenfolio, Pixieset, Exposure to name a few. I have spent a fair bit of time and money trying to find the best fit. The truth is - there is no best fit solution out there. There are so many image hosting options today that it's downright confusing. They all offer unique capabilities to their customers. I have learned a lot from this experience.

Going forward for 2017 -- my plan is to keep things simple. I’ll struggle at times to try new things and may even have a new makeover on my site occasionally. Partly this is the web developer in me taking over with a fresh coat of paint! :) But I'll still keep it simple.

I’m back to using WordPress just like the good old days. If you wish to receive email updates please sign up to the newsletters below. A very worthy mention to two amazing people who encouraged me hugely to get back into the blogging game:

  • Alex Vita -- for answering a million questions even when I repeated them :). Thank you, Alex, you are a champion.
  • Eric Kim -- a massive thank you for encouragement and camaraderie beyond compare. Very grateful for your love and support Eric!

Heres to a life with fewer things, less hedonism, less demands and more time to making memories!