Children of Bombay by Dario Mitidieri

Every day I’m grateful for my life, for where I live and the fact that I have choices.  These photographs just bring that home to me even more.
-- Susan Astor-Smith
Just like the kids you see in this photobook I was born in India too. It could have been me. It could have been my very own childhood of squalor, downright poverty and constant anguish for the next morsel of food. A safe place to sleep away from harms reach.  All of this could have been my very own ordeal. Day after day.


I'm so very grateful it wasn't. I was born to loving, educated parents who taught me to see the world with an open mind.  I never had to worry about money, food or education. Unlike these thousands of kids that roam the streets of the subcontinent -- unloved, homeless & hungry.

Running constantly to survive yet another day!

The photobook

Children of Bombay by Dario Mitidieri is a breath-taking body of work. Dario spent a whole year on his intrepid journey chasing the homeless kids of Bombay. Have a read of Jake Lewis' interview with Dario Mitidieri and how he came about doing this masterpiece. Breath-taking photography that evokes emotions of how much poverty is all around us.

For most people, they will purely see the poverty, the dirt, the pain, the unthinkable agony of these kids. But Dario in my opinion did an amazing job at 'bringing home' these raw stories from the streets of Bombay. He evokes emotions through his photography. Showing the world how much more we can all do to help each other. This is exactly what photography is about!