Catwalk to sidewalk - Melbourne street fashion

The exhibition will be open for Spring Fashion Week (1st September 2017) and a launch is planned for Saturday afternoon on the 23rd of September.

If you know me well you'd know how I love Melbourne. And a big part of this is because the art and culture scene in Melbourne is pretty honest and different to what Sydney offers. I've always regarded the art scene in Melbourne to be the very best Australia has to offer.

And I've wished and hoped a million times thinking - 'wouldn't it be nice if I got to show my photography work in Melbourne?' A bucket list item for sure. This is a goal I've had for a while and wanted to achieve with merit and honour.

I'm very humbled to say - my dream came true this afternoon!

This is a group exhibition featuring 10 photographers and my work is featured under the title: Dare to be different.

If you are in Melbourne, place check out the exhibition or come and see us at the opening night. The venue and launch details will be available soon from the Public records office Victoria.