I’m a day late for the international Woman’s day.

Here’s to the talented women unnamed, unrecognised, underpaid tirelessly standing up against injustice small or big. I’m sure it’s easy to point fingers at developing nations and see the obvious gaps of corruption, gender inequality, poverty n disdain. But Australias poverty is of a different kind. The countries ongoing treatment of women, attitude towards the traditional owners of the land, domestic violence, marriage equality & treatment of refugees is something that history will not be kind about.

In 1984 sex discrimination law was passed for fair & equal treatment of women. Fast forward 33 years – we’re on a hamster wheel!
Ref: https://www.humanrights.gov.au/education/face-facts/face-facts-gender-equality

What makes a nation or city beautiful is it’s people. We can do so much more by standing together as equals and lead by example.

Land of fair go, fair dinkum, mateship? Are we?