Shooting with passion

This is Pulitzer prize-winning photographer Hung Cong's (Nick Ut) photo from the Napalm attack on June 8th 1972 in Trang Bang, South Vietnam. I have seen this photo during my school days reading about world history, through my teenage years when curiosity took the better of me.

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Night market at Carriageworks

My friend Susan and I were at the night market at Carriageworks Eveleigh tonight. As the event kicked off we witnessed the smoking ceremony performed by the local Aboriginal elder. Here are some photos from the event.

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What are your photographic goals for 2018?

Last year was busy and long on many counts. It was a year of learning. Most would argue this – every year or in fact every day we learn something new. Yes. Mostly. But some lessons ground and polarise you. Some leave an indelible mark and change your pathway. 2017 was one of those years of relearning myself.

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The dark matters

The ancient Chinese got their ink from  smoky oil lamps, brushing away deposited soot and mixing it into a paste that hardened into "stones".  This black was pure, indelible and did not fade, and they fell in love with it.  They used it not only for writing  but for painting, which they saw as just another way to express their thoughts....

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Never alone

The strength and truth you taught me is all I need to remember. It is all within me.

The fortitude and resilience thats innate from being born and brought up in a third world country are my stepping stone to life.

Respect! Compassion! Humbleness. Strength of character. Will-power. Empathy.

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A beginners mind

Creatively speaking, when ego enters the mind of an artist, muse can no longer abide. For artists that create, the pureness of this state of being true to your art is next to none. To stay worthy and inspired in a world full of distractions and fake social hype - resetting the mind is a very cleansing process.

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